Health Insurance

Health Insurance in 2021 – Your Healthy Start

The holiday season is a time of celebration, a chance to bid farewell to the year that was and welcome the year that will be. Everyone knows Christmas is all about overindulgence a time to relax and party with friends and family; whereas New Years is the time to consider the plan of actions for the next 12 months, it is the perfect time for resolutions to be made for the Next year.

The most popular resolutions that make the list every year relate to wealth and health and well-being: To manage money better and to become healthier in the New Year is important to most people. Naturally, it comes back to Health Insurance. Whether you make the decision to take more control of your money or be eat or live healthier, these lifestyle changes can be reflected in your health insurance policy.

Thinking forward for 2010 you should review your health insurance options, it’s an opportunity to make the changes you’ve considering. Here are a few simple items to help you approach Private Health Insurance in 2010, thinking about how you invest your money and your dedication to your health and your family’s health.


There are so many products related to health insurance in the market. It you is your task to identify which one is viable for you.

  • What is my current cover, is it still relevant?
  • Do I want hospital cover, extras cover or both?
  • What are the inclusions that I have?
  • Do I want basic, medium or full cover?
  • What is the affordable upfront as a premium?
  • Can I manage to pay co-payments if I go for lower premium?SEEK ADVICE


Take advice from friends and family having similar circumstances. They can highlight the points which you may be overlooking. Look back and analyze whether you are managing your expenses or do you have to cut your expenses. Balance this personal experience with expert advice. Seek information from your doctor about your medical history and possible risk factors that can affect your health in the future. Your doctor can give you important advice as he knows you exact medical condition.


Health insurance products are designed with a wide population in mind. More often than not these packages may offer a full range of inclusions which may not be appropriate for you. Remember, more inclusions may mean higher premiums so you may be paying what you don’t need. So take a closer look and identify those that are relevant to you matching your individual needs.


Each health fund has its own unique suite of programs, rewards and discounts, identify a suite that reflects your lifestyle but also meets your budgetary requirement.

This brings us to the next topic, the benefits of health insurance and why it’s worth thinking about (especially when you feel sick as a dog)

Let’s begin with the basics, when considering private health insurance, you automatically think of three types: Hospital, Ambulance and Extras.

Hospital Coverage may include accommodation, theatre fees, intensive care, drugs, dressings, and other consumables, pharmaceuticals and medical services.

Ambulance Coverage may include transport costs (road, air or sea) and any paramedic treatment.

Extras may include cost for dental, physiotherapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy and acupuncture.

Although distinct, these types often overlap. You’ll find that most health insurers offer combined policies that cover health services across the board. The key is to find the combination that works for you; alternatively you may wish to be more selective in your approach, purchasing extras only. It really depends on your lifestyle, who you want to cover (singles, couples, family etc), your age, and other variables

With more details soon to come (i.e. scenarios that might be relevant to you), the purpose of this post is to simply highlight the fact that purchasing health insurance is a way of ensuring peace of mind. Even if you live a healthy lifestyle, have no history of serious illness or have no family to worry about, health insurance is a security that is necessary in this day and age. In most instances, basic coverage will provide you with the following benefits:

  • Choice of doctor
  • Choice of hospital
  • Control over waiting times, when and where you’ll be treated
  • Helps with cost of services not provided by Medicare

Now that you’ve got the basics of health insurance, we’ll follow up with more tips, scenarios and facts to help you along the way. Happy Hunting.