Health Insurance

Side Dental Plans compatible with Delta Dental

If you are covered by Delta Dental , but would like to add additional coverage with secondary dental insurance plan, there are many options available. Once you make of Delta Dental your primary insurance coverage, be compatible with a variety of other insurance policies. Please note that some insurance policies are not available in all areas. Always check with the company to get a customized quote. In addition, dental insurance plans are very different from the discount dental plans. While discount plans can help consumers save money, they are not an actual insurance coverage.

Dental Coverage Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield

Anthem, a company of Blue Cross and Blue Shield group offers dental coverage in several states. If your state is not covered, there may be another subsidiary of Blue Cross in your area that offers a dental insurance plan that can be used as a secondary dental plan. Coverage for medical consultations, x-rays and cleanings begins immediately, but there is a grace period of six months for restorations and more serious dental work. This is a PPO plan and you have to make sure your dentist is in your list of suppliers.

United Health One

A national provider of dental insurance coverage available in most areas, United Health One, provides 100% coverage of routine consultations, so it is an ideal place to have it as a secondary plan plan, especially if you are concerned about paying too much. The plan provides coverage of 80% if you have realizarte restorations or tooth extraction after completion of the grace period. In addition, this plan covers 50% of major restoration work, such as bridges or dentures. For those who do not have a dentist in your area that is part of United Health One, there is an additional coverage plan as premier.

Aetna Dental Insurance

Aetna is another major insurance provider offering dental coverage in most areas. Your PPO plan allows you to see any dentist enrolled and receive coverage or plan DMO option allows you to select a primary dentist. No copayment for office visits with the PPO plan and the plan involves a copayment DMO inexpensive. Most procedures are covered without deductible, but there are some cases where the insurance plan does not cover 100% of the services you receive. However, as a secondary insurance plan, this should not be a problem.