Health Insurance

Useful information on health insurance for low income

The state of California has several types of health insurance available to individuals and families with low incomes. Many of these programs, which are also very low cost-are directed to health coverage for young children, such as the AIM Program. Meanwhile, there is a shared state and federal Medicaid version called Medi-Cal. Both this and other public health insurance also cover individuals and families of low income who meet the admission requirements.

AIM Program

The California’s Access for Infants and Mothers Program or AIM (Access for Infants and Mothers Health of California) provides health insurance to low-cost to low-income pregnant women and their newborn children. You need to pay a small fee to subscribe, which represented 1.5% of total revenues of the head of the family after statutory deductions. This is a total cost than any other deductions or additional payment does not apply. The program includes many benefits, including birth services and care during pregnancy are included. AIM provides coverage throughout pregnancy and for 60 days after it has been completed.


Medi-Cal is a state and federal program that provides health care to residents of California who qualify due to a situation of low income or suffer disabilities that generate high costs. The program is available exclusively for California residents who qualify. They can apply those who are blind, adults over 65 or under 21, pregnant women or unemployed heads of family. If total household income is below the limit set by Medi-Cal services are provided at no cost.

Healthy Families

Healthy Families is issued in the state of California by the State Children’s Health Insurance Program or SCHIP (State Children ‘s Health Insurance for Children), see Resources. Expansion and reauthorization of the program was the law signed by February 4, 2009. Healthy Families provides access to health services to over 900,000 children in the state of California. The available coverage includes general services as well as dental and vision . The federal government of the United States provides funding for two thirds of the costs of implementation of the SCHIP program in each state of the United States.

California Children’s Services

California Children’s Services is a statewide program that treats children with health problems, as well as specific types of disabilities. The program is available for children from birth to 21 years and covers different types of health services. These include doctor visits, hospital stays, surgeries required, X-ray studies, necessary medical equipment and physiotherapy. Only children with health problems covered by California Children’s Services may qualify for these benefits.


The program is an CaliforniaKids health foundation that provides subsidized health care for children between two and 18 years service. The program is funded by several companies, foundations and individuals. The main benefit is granted includes services such as medical consultations and follow-up treatments. Other services include health and wellness, ambulatory care and emergency care.